is a site that is out to protect the privacy of all its users and in line with this, there are measures that have been put in place to ensure that all information shared on the site, all interactions with other users online and all online visits remain private, ensuring knowledge only by the users themselves. The following is an outline of the kind of information which is collected on the site and how its utilization.

Type of information collected: only information which is personally identifiable if the user will subscribe to the newsletters and other material which is enlisted amongst the subscriptions. The data collected is in form of information which cannot be tagged to any individual. The information collected is used in the generation of statistical data that is essentially used in the marketing programs, for effectiveness in marketing.

Use of information collected:

The personal information which the users will volunteer on the site is only used by and will not be shared with any other parties whatsoever the circumstance. The information is protected from all kinds of third party access inclusive of third party commercialization of private information whereby the information cannot be sold or rented to any organization or party. Opting out from subscriptions will be followed by immediate response whereby no subscription material will be sent to the client thereafter.

Use of cookies: incorporates the use of cookies on the site to allow for tracking of the visitor’s or client’s navigation whilst they are online, as they go through the pages of the site. Cookies are minute files which are crated and loaded onto the device memory of the client to make the browsing experience easier, contributing to ease of searches through the website. They are harmless.

Third party websites: has links to some third party websites hence availing better service experience to the site users. Privacy policies for other sites can in no way be used to hold accountable the staff members of or the site whatsoever. Personal accountability is prioritized once the user engages any of the third party websites.

Change in policies:

The privacy policy of may be changed and it is advisable to the users to review the document as often as possible to keep up with any changes that may come up.

Acceptance of terms:

By continuing to engage use of the services which have been provided on the website, the user has therefore agreed to the policies mentioned as well as the terms and conditions of use. In case of any controversy, it is advised that the user immediately halts their usage of the services provided.